The unexplored potential of microrobotics for medicine is boundless and we are proud of bringing together a multidisciplinary and multicultural team to turn a sci-fi idea into the next gold-standard tool for brain intervention.

Robeauté is a team of exceptionally talented and driven people, for whom impossible is nothing. We are dedicated to inventing disruptive microrobotic technology, to treat old problems in new ways.


    Bertrand Duplat
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    Founder & CEO
    • 30+ years in Robotics and 3D, Serial Entrepreneur
    • 2 successful exits including Virtools (sold to Dassault Systèmes)
    • 40 patents
    • Former robotics researcher at McGill University

    Joana Cartocci
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    Founder & COO
    • 10+ years in Operation Management
    • Managing positions in multiple organisations
    • Coordination of complex multidisciplinary projects
    • Board Member of FranceBiotech
    • Speaks 6 languages fluently


    Arthur André
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    Referent Neurosurgeon
    Quentin François
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    VP Product
    • Microrobotics PhD, Sorbonne U.
    • INSEAD 19'
    Ali Oulmas
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    VP Research
    • Microrobotics PhD, Sorbonne U.
    • 100+ citations in research articles

    Board members

    Diana Röttger
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    Apex Investor

    Computer scientist and Neuro-imaging expert

    Stéphane Imbert
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    « Little is known today about the brain and about the onset of life threatening brain disease.

    We believe that the local data collected through sensors by our microrobot and combined with AI will be able to shed some light on the onset and spread of disease. It will lead to a better understanding of brain functions at a cellular level and of the interactions between brain cells and drugs.
    This will inform physicians regarding the best treatment plan and improve surgical outcomes, through patient-specific algorithms and location-specific data. Our microrobot has the potential of changing how we interact and treat the brain, entirely. »